Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A quick update!

Phewww! For the past few months, I've been caught up with work. Who would've thought being a teacher in a tuition centre would be so time consuming? 

So there were some of the cupcakes, and cake, that I had baked in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

This chocolate and vanilla cake was ordered by Tiffany for her boyfriend's birthday. 
She carried it all the way to KL! Thanks!

50 chocolate cupcakes for Michelle on Easter Sunday. Thanks!

Chocolate oreo cupcakes ordered by Anas for her boyfriend. 
Had fun making those tortoises! Thanks!

Cupcakes just for my besties on our dinner night.

My first edible images cupcake order, this was ordered by Jude for his friend.
The order was baked later than expected though. :D

100 chocolate cupcakes ordered by Rozi. Thanks!

50 cupcakes for Arabella's baptism party. That cute little baby! :D

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