Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Updates! :)

Hi all! Sorry I've been MIA. I need to announce a few amendments that I've given so much thoughts and considerations. You all must be aware that the prices of almost everything are increasing (RON 97 anyone?), so I need to make a few adjustments to my price list.

As now I'm a fully employed girl, I don't have much free time, but these are my off days for your kind consideration: Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. So, please, please, do send in your order 2 weeks in advance, to allow me to rearrange my schedules.

The prices differ according to the cupcakes' flavors, fillings, toppings and the intricacy of the cuppies' decorations.

Normal price:

Set A: For 9 cuppies - RM 28
Set B: For 12 cuppies - RM 40
Set C: For 25 cuppies - RM 50
For 26 cuppies and above, each cupcake will be charged at RM2.80 each.

The * marks the additional rate that will be charged for each cupcake due to the ingredient's cost.

For ** - A surcharge of RM 0.60 per cupcake.
For *** - A surcharge of RM 1.00 per cupcake.
For fondant topping- A surcharge of RM 1.50 per cupcake.

Below are the current and available cupcakes varieties:


  • Vanilla, Vanilla.
  • Hershey's Dark Chocolate **
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Just Peanut Butter
  • Almond Flavor **
  • You're so Red Velvet ***
  • Banana
  • Brownie **
  • Carrot Slices
  • Tangy Lemon
  • Mocha/Cappucino
  • Oreo Chunks Vanilla / Oreo Chunks Chocolate **
  • Hershey's Dark Chocolate **
  • Milk/ White Chocolate
  • Vanilla cream *** (also available in mocha, cappucino, and other flavors)
  • The jams of your choice - Apricot, Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Peanut Butter
  • Mocha/Cappucino cream
  • Cream cheese ***
  • Classic Buttercream
  • Chocolate Ganache ***
  • Mocha/Cappucino flavored whipped cream ***
  • Cream Cheese ***
  • Royal icing
  • Fondant - Pick your flavor: Almond, Rose, Peppermint, Ol' Vanilla, Chocolate.
  • SweetBites Devil's Food Moist Chocolate cake, frosted with Chocolate Ganache.
  • Choices between double or triple layers of the chocolate cake.
  • 8 inches square/round baking tins- shape of your choice. (1.5 kg to 3kg)
  • Price:
~ RM 65 for double layered chocolate cake
~ RM 80 for triple layered chocolate cake.
  • Cake box and candles are free of charge.
  • For fondant decorations only- RM 10 per double layered cake, and RM 10 per triple layered cake.
  • For FULLY fondant covered cake - RM 20 per double layered cake; RM 25 per triple layared cake.

For customized cupcakes:
  • Customers can choose to mix a maximum of 3 flavors for Set B, C and orders above 25 cuppies.
  • A surcharge of RM 5 will be charged for each order of mixed flavors for Set B and C, and RM 10 for orders of 25 cupcakes and above, all EXCLUDE fillings.
Cupcakes' Packaging:
  • Normal cake box with ribbons - Free of charge
  • Fancy present box with ribbons:

For 9 cuppies : RM 3

For 12 cuppies : RM 5.50
For 24 cuppies : RM 7.50
For orders of 25 cuppies and above : RM 10.50
  • Plastic cake box with ribbons - RM 2

Delivery and Other Information:
  • All orders must be made at least 2 weeks in advance by filling in the order form available at the homepage. Email the complete forms to me and I will send a confirmation SMS or email once I have received and secured the orders.
  • Last minute orders will be considered, as to make sure I am available and no schedule conflicts. If your orders are secured in the calendar slot, there will be a surcharge of RM 10 for each order.
  • The radius of home/office deliveries covers the areas of Tabuan Jaya, BDC, Batu Kawa, Third Mile, Simpang Tiga, Ong Tiang Swee, Kenyalang, Tabuan Heights, Jalan Kempas, Hui Sing Garden and Tabuan Laru. There will be NO fuel surcharge.
  • For areas outside of the delivery radius, I will deliver the cupcakes to a selected pick-up point, with fuel surcharge of RM 5 to RM 15, depending on the location of the pick-up point.
  • Pick-up points must be selected and agreed on by both parties in advance in order to avoid any difficulties.
  • Delivery schedule: Delivery time is negotiable.
  • As the cupcakes are perishable, especially ones with cream cheese and buttercream, Iwill not be responsible for customer’s improper handling of the cupcakes, delayed pickups and any last minute changes.

Payment Method:
  • All payments must be made to my RHB or Maybank accounts either through online, Cash Deposit Machine or through bank counters once customers’ orders are secured in my slot. Failure to do so within 48 hours, the order will be cancelled immediately. This is to avoid unpaid or uncollected orders.
  • Payments should be made to Priscilla Mengan Stephen, RHB account number 1-11212-0007110-4 or Maybank 111234154630.
  • Once payment has been received, I will send a reply through SMS or email to notify customers.
  • Receipts will be given upon request.
Fur further info/enquiries, do bite me at:

Email SweetBites at:
Facebook: Priscilla Elizabeth S.

*Phone number will not be displayed here to avoid unsolicited calls or messages. Thank you*

Keep biting! ;))

A quick update!

Phewww! For the past few months, I've been caught up with work. Who would've thought being a teacher in a tuition centre would be so time consuming? 

So there were some of the cupcakes, and cake, that I had baked in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

This chocolate and vanilla cake was ordered by Tiffany for her boyfriend's birthday. 
She carried it all the way to KL! Thanks!

50 chocolate cupcakes for Michelle on Easter Sunday. Thanks!

Chocolate oreo cupcakes ordered by Anas for her boyfriend. 
Had fun making those tortoises! Thanks!

Cupcakes just for my besties on our dinner night.

My first edible images cupcake order, this was ordered by Jude for his friend.
The order was baked later than expected though. :D

100 chocolate cupcakes ordered by Rozi. Thanks!

50 cupcakes for Arabella's baptism party. That cute little baby! :D

Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear all, I have some things I have to clear up before I end this year. :D 

First of all, I am working woman now, and I will only be free on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. Therefore, I hope you will send in your orders at least 2 weeks before your occasion, it'll be easier for me to manage my schedule. However, I may not be able to take your orders. Do email me for further questions. :)

Secondly, I would like to thank all of my customers who have put their trusts on me! I love baking and I appreciate those kind and encouraging comments after each bite! Hope to receive your orders next year. :D

To all of you reading this, Happy New Year! Much love, Priscilla.

More cupcakes!

Hello dear ones! These were the orders I've taken up while I was away. 

Chocolate cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting ordered by Annie. Thanks!

Chocolate cake for caroling night.

Vanilla cupcakes ordered by Davina. Thanks! :)

Ooops. These chocolate, mocha and oreo-flavored cupcakes were ordered by Janet. Thanks!

My very first fondant cake ordered by Diana. Thanks!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cupcakes gone MIA!

So sorry for the lack of updates. I've been neglecting my other blog, too. I have been busy revising my Masters thesis and preparing exercises for my tuition classes. Yes, I'm teaching at a tuition centre for the time being. Many plans hence the need for money, :)

These were the cupcakes I've made until recently. :D

Chocolate cupcakes for Chloe's boyfriend in Kuching. Thanks! :D

30 cupcakes for Annie's friends. Thanks!

Chocolate cupcakes for Roziana's boyfriend. Thanks! :)

Graduation cupcakes ordered by Nana. Thanks for the second order! :D

Since Christmas is a month away, I'm accepting future cupcakes' orders. Please order early as I will be having holiday classes, so it'll be easier for me to organize my time. Jingle-a-ling! However, if you order 12 cupcakes, you'll get 3 cupcakes (with buttercream only) for free! If you order 25 cupcakes and above, you'll get 5 cupcakes for free! :)

Santa's Hat!

Christmas tree!

For sugar decorations as above, you just need to add RM 5 for any design. :)
RM 10 for 25 cupcakes.

Christmas decor ball!

Let me know early to avoid disappointments! Till then, have a great December ahead!


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